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Post by Deathcat on Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:04 am

Hi! Today(last night actually) I found this web comic in a link from another web comic.
I just want to stop by the forum here and say how much I loved it!!
At first I thought the art style was a bit weird but it grew on me.
I absolutely love the story and characters, it made me so sad that I made it to the current page, I want more! The last few pages are so cute and happy too!
I can't wait for even more, and you seen to update regularly so that makes me extra happy!!

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Just leaving my comments Empty Re: Just leaving my comments

Post by MinekaC on Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:27 pm

*glomps* Ahh thank you!
Yea, I look at the first pages and I wonder "O_O I drew that. My god I'm TERRIBLE!" I think it get's better. Once you're out of chapter one, I think the work as a whole makes a big hop towards being more palatable.
But, I'm always happy to hear when people don't really like the art style, but the story sucks them in anyway. It always gives me hope.
I'm babbling.
Yes, I'm big on trying to maintain updates. There is no faster way to lose yer readers then to start skipping updates. I did take those monthes off back in 07, but hopefully that won't happen again until I'm done with the current story arc. Two-three more chapters to go....... which doesn't say much since the number of pages per chapter yo-yo's bettween 30-60 it seems >_<

I'm glad you enjoy the comic, and hope to see you in the shoutbox/forums again!

..... I have no idea what to put here!

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